How much will my new house or extension cost to build?

August 6, 2021
by Sege Rosella

In this episode, Northamptonshire builder Sege Rosella discusses the ins-and-outs of how to cost your new-build or extension project.

We talk budgets, cost overruns, project management, why it's worth paying more for a decent architect, and much more.

Key points:

00:00 – Are there any rules of thumb that apply when it comes to costing a residential construction project?

02:03 – Whose job is it to tell me what I can get for my budget?

06:58 – What are some of the biggest causes of unexpected costs in a construction project?

08:11 – It’s all about the quality and honesty of the project management

09:46 – Why it’s always worth paying your architect or architectural technician more money. (This was also touched upon by Sege in episode 1 of Ask A Builder)

10:10 – Making changes to the spec, and what a variation order system (VO) is

13:13 – Will a delay push up the cost of a project?

15:55 – How to pay your builder. Terms, schedules, JCT contracts, and negotiating the best deal