How to get a quote for your new-build or extension

August 6, 2021
by Sege Rosella

In this video, Sege Rosella, owner of Mortar and Co Construction, discusses in detail how you go about getting a quote from your builder. What you need to have in place, and some common pitfalls.

Key points:

00:00 – I’m planning a construction project. At what stage of the project do I start shopping around for a quote? What information/data/resources do I need to give my builder in order for them to provide an accurate quotation?

02:25 – The biggest mistake people make when seeking a quote from a builder

04:46 – Why it’s important not to scrimp on your architect or architectural technician

06:54 – What is a provisional sum?

12:46 – Be careful of low quotes from your project manager or builder for this reason

15:46 – Do I have to wait until I receive planning permission before requesting a quote?

18:06 – It’s all about discipline to stop costs spiralling out of control

18:44 – What information is in a quote, and what format do I receive it in? Should it be in writing?

22:46 – Asking your architect to control the tender process