Don’t make this huge mistake when shopping for building quotes

After what seems like an eternity; you’re embarking on a building project. It’s all systems go. You’ve got an ambitious deadline (Christmas, obviously), and you want to break ground yesterday.

You can probably trim some time by shopping around for quotes at the same time as applying for planning permission. But slow down there cowboy. You’re about to make a HUGE mistake.

If you don’t have planning permission then there’s absolutely no way you can give a builder finalised plans. And without these they’ll just be making a guesstimate. At best.

Then one wretched rainy day, 11 months into your build (Christmas was last year at this point), with £10 left in the bank, you’ll ask your builder when the roof goes on. And they’ll reply: “Oh that wasn’t in my guesstimate as it wasn’t shown on the plans.” And you’ll want to bury yourself under the footings.

So here’s what you actually do. You wait to be granted planning permission. Then you go to your architect and you get yourself some finalised working drawings. Then (and only then) can you go shopping for quotes, safe in the knowledge that everything will be accounted for.

And you get to live in a house with a roof. Hooray!

P.S. Be wary of any builder that’s willing to give you a quote using incomplete drawings.

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How delays can impact your construction project or renovation

All delays to a house building project or home renovation are going to incur an extra cost, right? It depends.

If you’re borrowing money then definitely. Any time you have to pause your project, but are still incurring fees, charges and/or interest, it’s going to cost you more.

But if you’re not borrowing, it can actually be beneficial to you in some cases to have a delay. Maybe you can wait for the price of certain materials to fall. Or a certain contractor you want to work with can fit you in, but not for a few months.

From experience there are three main reasons for a delay to your project:

1. The Great British Weather

It’s usually the rain. Quelle suprise. But so too can heavy snow. Wind. Ice.
The rain can be decidedly bothersome at the foundation and groundwork stage. But it also stops most of the external works from taking place. Bricklayers in particular.

2. UK-wide labour shortage

Sadly, in the UK right now we have a shortage of quality talent in the building industry.

3. Running out of money

If you don’t have any money left to complete your project then, well, it’s more than delays to your project you have to worry about.

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Why you should spend more money on your architect

We get it. You’d rather spend more money on the building. A nicer kitchen. Higher quality flooring.

But that is the worst thing you could possibly do.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’.

Well, a good architect is your plan. They’re not there just to make things look pretty. They help to plan for all eventualities.  They help to avoid those ‘Oh we didn’t think about that” moments when you’ve already spent three-quarters of your money.

A good architect has already worked on projects like yours. They will go into minute detail. How many nuts and bolts do we need? What types of door handles do you want? What colour paint is on this particular wall?

And you want to know the funny thing? Spending the time and money on this up-front is how you’re going to get that nicer kitchen. That higher quality flooring. THAT PEACE OF MIND.

Give it a try. Let us know how it goes.