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All about building foundations: raft, trench, strip, and pile

In this episode, Northampton builder, Sege Rosella, discusses the ins-and-outs of the different types of building foundations – raft, trench, strip, and pile.

We touch on cost considerations, building regulations, modifying old houses, underpinning, and more.

Key points:

00:21 – The different types of foundations and deciding the right type for your new-build or extension, taking into consideration the type of ground and soil, and whether a structural engineer will be needed

06:48 – Why you should always pay more for your architect or structural engineer to make a site assessment

08:12 – The different type of foundation in detail

13:41 – Some complete silliness, that I can only apologise for 🙂

18:22 – Cost considerations

19:11 – Foundations for houses that were built pre-building regulation changes

20:58 – Old houses are built with very shallow foundations – why is this? Did they simply used to build things better in the old days?

23:52 – When you need to underpin your foundations

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