Mortar & Co is a construction project management company based in Northamptonshire.

Mortar & Co is owned and run by Sege, a builder, designer, husband, and father.

Sege first cut his teeth in the industry some 34 years ago as a bricklayer, and since then has constructed everything from small residential extensions, to large new-builds, blocks of flats, and even an astonishing multi-million pound pirate island.

Four years ago, his building expertise opened an unexpected door in television when he was asked to be one of a small team of on-screen designers on a new CBBC series – The Dengineers.

Mortar & Co is a brand new company that has been borne out of tragic necessity. Earlier this year Sege’s business partner for some 20+ years, Roger McIntyre, sadly passed away. This new company has been set up in the memory of Roger.

So what does this all mean? It means that we will be bringing over the values and ethos from the old company that served us and our clients so well, and transplanting it in this new one. We’ll still work tirelessly to bring your ambitions to life, whether you’re commissioning an extension to your house or commercial premises, renovating or restoring an existing property or whether you’re embarking upon the ultimate self-build journey.

We are still as proud as ever to offer our clients a distinctive blend of skills; our hands-on approach is backed up by many decades of experience in the building industry and dealing with local authorities.

There will never be a day where we don’t take pride in our attention to detail and we promise to take care of every aspect from the initial concept through to sound advice regarding finance, to carefully and diligently submitting and taking care of your planning application.

We predominately service the Midlands, London, and the South East.